Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lifelong learning for being good and doing good

Lifelong learning should inspire and motivate us to be good, do good, and grow. We should be good stewards and be generous with our time, talents, insight, and resources, and create opportunities for:
               Cultivating an open mind and a good heart
               Strengthening resilience
               Nurturing imagination, creativity, and curiosity
               Improving health, well-being, and quality of life
               Healing, reconciliation, restoration, and renewal
               Advancing economic, financial, business, and entrepreneurial literacy
               Increasing self-reliance
               Increasing civic literacy to become more politically empowered and strategically engaged in our public affairs
               Growing a community of support for ongoing learning, discovery, and renewal

A foundation for lifelong learning and leadership includes:
               Good character: Values, willpower, open mind, good heart, & sacrifice (to do what is right)
               People skills: Healthy family relations & friendships, good communication, teamwork, & collaborative leadership
               Motivation & Dependability: Inspiration and consistency with values, resilience, good health & well-being
               Abundant Vision: For life, family, health & well-being, good work, community's future…
               Asset Development: Building on your know-how, gifts, & talents within your vocational and community interests. Discovering your calling. Continued improvement, lifelong learning, & striving toward vocational excellence…
               Organization:  Being rooted & as clear as possible about your life, goals, & plans
               Stewardship / Generosity

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