Thursday, June 04, 2015

Good Group Characteristics

Based on my experience, groups are more viable if their participants are reliable, communicate skillfully, support others in the group, and work together to develop, maintain, and renew the group’s work.  Good group characteristics include:
  • Being open, inclusive, empowering, and democratic
  • Making sure that everyone feels welcome, informed, and involved
  • Cooperatively identifying common vision, purpose, and goals
  • Creating an environment that fosters trust and builds commitment to the group
  • Allowing differences of opinion to be discussed and handle conflict directly and civilly
  • Examining biases that may be blocking progress
  • Continuing to clarify expectations of individuals and of the group, revisiting purpose and renewing commitment 
  • Celebrating individual and group accomplishments and find renewal in relationships
  • Developing a schedule and rhythm that works best for the group
  • Encouraging and empowering members to learn new skills and share roles and decision-making
  • Leveraging the strengths of civic, cultural, historical, political, community, and environmental contexts
  • Drawing leadership, knowledge, talent, strengths, and resources from relationships with government, business, faith communities, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and resourceful individuals as needed

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